Screening for mental illness in teens

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Guidelines for Mental Health Screening during the Domestic Medical Examination for Newly Arrived Refugees

The primary NIH organization for research on Teen Mental Health is the National Institute of Mental Health Get the latest health news from Dr. Richard Besser. Here youll find stories about new medical research, the latest health care trends and health issues that affect Diagnosing a mental health condition can only be done by a qualified health professional. But there are some symptoms that may raise awareness that theres a

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How do you Mind Your Health Taking a screening test is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health Under the auspices of helping school children with mental health issues, students will be screened not for their own benefit, but to further the aims of total

Mental Health America is a leader in mental health support, recovery and advocacy Help for Alcohol Problems. There is a new guide for people who are looking for options to address alcohol problems. Learn more 187