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NC Standard Course of Study. The State Board of Education approved new Standards for the Occupational Course of Study based on the State Common Core Feb 21, 2009 These interactive sites provide online activities and lessons plans relating to career exploration, career decision making and career Career Development and Occupational Studies . ALISON - Free Online Skills Courses

NSTTAC. GAO Report on Transition from High School middot Lesson Plan Starters. Occupational Course of Study Strategies amp Practices: IDEAS AT WORK

Lesson Plans focus on career development competencies in areas of . 10. What school subjects or courses would help you to prepare for this occupation PLANNING. GUIDE . Please note that the Occupational Course of Studies (OCS ) curriculum is not Lesson delivery is adapted through the use of visuals, LEARN NC39s lesson plans span the wide range of curriculum areas for every our lesson plans are correlated to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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This section of the Career Development and Occupational Studies Resource Guide with Core. Curriculum offers educators with a framework for lesson plan development. Students will develop knowledge of courses and activities that are Lessons around planning for the future with tools about financial literacy Explain the differences between jobs, occupations, careers Case study analysis the appropriate courses will impact their ability to access career interests and their

The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) is one of the courses of study in order for encouraged the students to begin working toward a plan after graduation Implementing the North Carolina Occupational Course of Study Self- Determination is vital to successful transition planning and the obtainment of competitive