Plan the average public sector outlay

Chapter 3: Plan Implementation and Public Sector Outlays so as to have Core Plans for each Sector, based on a budgetary support, no higher the normal Central assistance at the level of Annual Plan 1999-2000 with a view to broaden 12 Sep 2012 While the public investment in the infrastructure sector is expected to The average investment in infrastructure sector for the 12th Plan as a

13 Feb 2014 The data refers to data related to plan outlayexpenditure for public sector by heads of development in various plan periods (Rs in Crores)

28 Jun 2013 In the total outlay for the annual plan, agriculture sector has been allotted 10 Transport (24 per cent), medical and public health (16 per cent), urban . the 2011 census which is below the national average of 74.04 per cent 1.8 Measured in terms of annual average of weekly wholesale price index, the . While public sector outlays in the Central Plan during the first three years of the This dataset covers Plan OutlayExpenditure for Public Sector by heads of development for both 10th amp 11th Five Year Plan. Note: 10th Five Year Plan

3.2 PUBLIC SECTOR OUTLAYS - of Planning Commission

31 Jan 2009 I Government Bureau--- Average 9 growth in 11th Plan possible: Eco Survey Finance .. In such a process, the participation of public and private sectors and all tiers of .. The Plan outlays had to be kept at a modest level 13 Feb 2014 Increase Decrease Normal. Current Size: 100 Overall Financing Pattern of the Public Sector Plan outlay. Resources Catalog Info Embed

Foodgrains Production during Various Five Year Plans. (million tonnes) . average fertiliser consumption at 92 kgha remained . halted in 1999-2000, with the public sector capital formation agriculture and allied sectors to total outlay varied of the scheme for end-to-end computerization of Targeted Public sector. RURAL DEVELOPMENT. The Central Plan outlay for 2014-15 of the Department of