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24 Jan 2013 If you have not done it yet, now is the time to finish up your crop plan for next year . Soon it We all want to continually improve our production 5 days ago Big food producers such as General Mills and PepsiCo are looking for ways to bring increased sustainability to big cash crop farms in the U.S.

provide a great diversity of produce in each share throughout the season, a crop plan becomes an essential planning tool for creating and maintaining efficiency

17 Dec 2012 Every year we use our notes and experiences from the previous season to make alterations to our crop plans. We keep a notebook full of Good growth plan - How to make crops more efficient Planning is a cyclical process, and by comparing what actually happens back to your plan you are able to make adjustments to improve for next year. Crop plans

Crop Planning for CSAs Start Farming Penn State Extension

Plan for and manage the myriad crops, varieties and plantings required to keep a modern, intensive market garden producing throughout the growing season Farmer Education Program (PEPA) Resource Guide. Crop Planning and Production. Agriculture amp Land-Based Training Association (ALBA). May 2012

Joel developed these tools to help plan for the Community Supported Produce availability calendar for 34 vegetable crops Calendar for designing CSA full and (v) refine your crop sequence plan. The procedure is easiest for a farm that produces only a few crops and has uniform field conditions. Examples include