Provigil off label uses

Safety profile of modafinil across a range of prescribing indications, including off- label use, in a primary care setting in England: results of a modified 22 Apr 2013 Modafinil is a nonamphetamine stimulant approved for narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift-work sleep disorder.1 Off-label use is

2 May 2013 Use of the drug modafinil, which can keep ambitious workaholics on modafinil use is booming, spurred largely by off-label applications,

It is estimated that over 70 of the Provigil use in the United States is off-label. An off label use is one that was not studied as a part of the FDA approval Modafinil has also found off-label use with the neurological fatigue reported by some with multiple sclerosis. In 2000, Cephalon conducted a study to evaluate Thank you to everyone who posted their positive feedback as it gave me hope that the medicine might work. This is an off label use, but it sure works for me

Safety profile of modafinil across a range of prescribing indications

tigue and EDS and improves mood and daytime per-. Volume 28, Issue 8. May 2013. . OFF-LABEL USE OF MODAFINIL. IN DEPRESSION. Erika Walters 22 Mar 2013 Prescriptions for the narcolepsy drug modafinil have rapidly increased in recent years, and most of this increase is due to off-label use,

19 Mar 2013 The number of Americans taking the narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder drug modafinil has increased almost 10-fold over the past 18 May 2013 Currently, 90 of Provigil prescriptions are off-label. Psychiatrists use Provigil mainly for depression, ADHD, and medication-induced