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Union Civil War Wool Lined Kepi Hat. Now you can take on the appearance of a soldier who fought for the Union Army during the American Civil War in this CampC Sutlery has Civil War US and CS Early War and Late War Kepi, Forage ( Bummer) Caps, Slouch Hats and Dressed Hardee Hats. Authentic. Artillery, Infantry

We don39t just make hats without understanding the reasons for these details, so, here a little, especially when you attempt to portray the American Civil War

Authentic Civil War Reenacting Hats and Headwear 7 Jul 2010 The most common caps worn during the Civil War. Consisting of: Forage cap, Kepi, McDowell cap, and several hybrid versions. All video WHERE DO I START WITH THIS GREAT CIVIL WAR KEPI, IT HAS ALL KINDS OF DOCUMENTS THAT COMES WITH IT. THIS IS ONE OF THE RAREST

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I recently purchased this hat for local Civil War reenactments, and for the fun of having it. I was excited to receive it, but it turned out to be less than I expected Civil War reproduction hats for sale: kepis, bummers, forage caps, felt hats, slouch hats, hat cords, and Civil War hat insignia

The kepi (English pronunciation: kpi or kepi) is a cap with a flat In North America, it is usually associated with the United States Civil War, as it 5344 Union and Confederate Army Civil War Cap Gray: Military Apparel Accessories: Clothing