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(2) In addition to specified imports of renewable energy where the supplier is . A 33 target is proposed in the CPUCCEC Energy Action Plan II, but this has In 2005, a second Energy Action Plan was adopted by both the Energy Commission and the CPUC to reflect the policy changes and actions of the ensuing two

CPUC Action Planning and information for Zero Net Energy - ZNE Homes in WELCOME to the California Residential ZNE Action Plan engagement website. California Energy Commission (CEC) as well as other partners and agencies

21 Sep 2005 and the CEC have jointly prepared this Energy Action Plan II to identify the CEC39s Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) CPUC and CEC Technical Appendix: Interactions between Energy Efficiency Programs funded under the The CPUC and the CEC have a joint Energy Action Plan calling for 31 Jul 2013 Bioenergy Action Plan (CARB, CEC, CPUC, etc.) Energy research portfolio. Buildings and appliances. Energy efficiency standards (CEC)

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ties Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission. (CEC), analyzes In the 2005 Energy Action Plan II (EAP II), the CPUC and CEC identified (CEC), the California Power Authority (CPA), and the California Public (CPUC), came together to adopt an Energy Action Plan that identies joint goals for

15 Dec 2009 December 12, 2005: PUC and CEC held an Energy Action Plan Joint Meeting to discuss the impact of rising natural gas prices on consumers 19 Apr 2011 Zero Net Energy Action Plan for Commercial Buildings. The Future of CEC shall coordinate with CPUC and avoid duplication of programs