Green stools and cancer

Ive had very dark green stools for the past three days and I am a little bit constipated. I do not have any abdominal or pelvic pain. There is no blood in my stool 8312011018332For three days now I have had a green stool. I didnt know for sure until today as I usually throw in the paper and flush without checking the toilet first

White Diarrhea Due to Gallstones. Normally, bile, produced in the liver, is temporarily stored in the gallbladder and from there, after a fatty meal, expelled into

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing green stool. Learn more about the causes of green stool, and what you can do to get back to having normal What is green stool and what does it mean about your health Read up on the causes of green stool, whether it is dark or bright or in the form of diarrhea For about a week, my stool has become more green. Now its solid green color (forest green). Could it be a reaction to imipramine and carisoprodol that I take for

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6162006018332Green Mucus In Stool . Okay so here is the deal with me. I am a female age 30. With a strong family history of cancer. My mother had breast cancermy Green stools are not necessarily a cause for alarm because the color could be caused by a food or a supplement. Find out what can cause green stool

Green stool: Introduction. Green stool: Green coloration of the stool. See detailed information below for a list of 10 causes of Green stool, Symptom Checker 132007018332Green Stools . What can cause green stoolsI ve had them before but today was totally greenNot normal to meI have been taking anti botics about a