Ct scans of liver cancer

1232014018332An abdominal CT scan is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create cross-sectional pictures of the belly area. CT stands for computed tomography. 10172012018332A liver and spleen scan is a nuclear scanning test that is done to check the liver and spleen for disease

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CT scans may detect existing liver tumors and help your doctor to determine how many tumors you have, as well as the tumors location 12232014018332Computerized Tomography (CT scan) is a procedure that assists in diagnosing tumors, fractures, bony structures, and infections in the organs and Current and accurate information for patients about CAT scan (CT) of the chest. Learn what you might experience, how to prepare for the exam, benefits, risks and more

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12232014018332CT scans are performed to analyze the internal structures of various parts of the body. This includes the head, where traumatic injuries, (such as blood Learn more from WebMD about getting a CAT scan if your doctor suspects your prostate cancer has spread

(CT Scan of the Liver, Biliary Tract, Pancreas, Spleen, and Gallbladder) Procedure overview What is a CT or CAT scan of the liver and biliary tract A fact sheet that describes the CT scan procedure and technology and its uses in screening, diagnosis, and treatment. National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet 5.2