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Users share their experience with Topamax and comment on drug side i did experience significant weight loss as a result of being put on the topamax. so with 3 Apr 2013 Topamax (topiramate), oddly enough, is a derivative of fructose. It is strange that one of the very few psychotropics to cause weight loss is

16 Mar 2013 My physician has given me a prescription for Topamax for weight loss support. This program will be supervised and I will see the Dr weekly

2 Aug 2012 All of my doctors assure me that the weight loss will slow down eventually, and then I can begin to settle into my new body. I have an irrational 20 Mar 2014 I just started Topamax. I39m on 25mgday and will increase by 25mgweek until I reach 100mg. I heard the weightloss effect depends on the dose Includes: what is topamax, how does topamax contribute to weight loss, side effects of topamax, what is the right topamax dosage for weight loss, and other

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Find out if Topiramate is effective for treating eating disorders and for weight loss with information from the medical experts at Consumer Reports Health 22 Sep 2014 Has anyone heard of taking Topamax for weight loss you to see any weight loss after starting to take topamax i have been on it for migrains

Topamax (topiramate): I have been on Topamax for a little less than a month and already lost 16 pounds My doctor gave it to me for the weight loss effects and I All patients lost a substantial amount of weight on topiramate treatment. The average weight loss was 22 lb (10 kg range, 856 lb 425 kg). None of the