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Video instructions: How to build a Hulda Clark Zapper Here are the PDF plans required to build our Big Zap Zapper - a free, rugged Ever since I discovered Dr. Hulda Clark39s zapper, I have wanted to make this

Detailed step by step description of an interesting Hulda Calrk39s zapper, cheap and easy to build. To read absolutly 1 ounce of planning worth 5 pounds of

Let the Zapper Experts teach you what you need to know about the Hulda Clark Method, Ending Parasitic Infestation, Cleansing your Body, Boosting Immunity, The Cure for all Diseases is a complete reprint of Hulda39s book which Zapper Plans has plans for a zapper which uses a CD4069 hex inverter instead of a 555 10 Jan 2002 No claims are made by KeelyNet for any of these plans. They are This page tells how to make a Hulda Clark-style Parasite Zapper

How to Build a Hulda Clark Zapper Video Instructions

This page tells you how to make a Hulda Clark-style Parasite Zapper. This is a simpler and more efficient version that works just like the original, but the battery Along with organic, healthy whole foods and exercise (and some other secrets I share in the free Hulda Clark Action Plan ebook), these zapper and zappicator

Free plans for an efficient Hulda Clark style Zapper. Reputed to kill parasites in 7 minutes. (Ready-Made for 10) instructions on building an oscillator in DC pulse mode, identical in output to the Zapper, described in The Cure For All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark