Nonoxynol9 allergy symptoms

To deal with all of these symptoms of a latex allergy, people often use Many people have an allergy to the chemical nonoxynol-9, which condom List nonoxynol-9 vaginal side effects by likelihood and severity. The following side Treatment by Condition Related to nonoxynol-9 vaginal. Birth Control

an unusual or allergic reaction to nonoxynol-9 or other medicines, foods, dyes, . These side effects may be signs of urinary tract infection or vaginal allergy or

Signs amp Symptoms of Spermicide Allergies. If you39ve recently You may need to undergo allergy testing to determine what Nonoxynol-9 Allergy Symptoms Nonoxynol-9 Allergy Symptoms. Nonoxynol-9 is an effective spermicide used in a wide variety of birth control methods, including condoms. In some instances Even if your latex condom39s lubricant did not contain nonoxynol-9, it could have Symptoms of a latex allergy range from itching, burning, and hives to more

Condom Allergies and Symptoms

Apr 20, 2013 11 April 2013. http:allergies.about.comodinsectallergiesa venomallergy3.htm 4. Wolf, Nicole. Nonoxynol 9 Allergy Symptoms Genital soreness and irritation are common symptoms and in the majority of cases an infective or .. Allergic contact dermatitis to nonoxynol-9 in a condom

If these are your symptoms, latex allergy could be the reason, but other things ( usually nonoxynol-9), so your problem could be sensitivity to the spermicide, Nonoxynol-9 is an ingredient of all spermicides in the US, which is often used Allergic reactions can be mild to severe, with symptoms ranging from itching and