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For the cancer drug research enthusiast, this report might read in places like a special oncology edition of a gun magazine. Indeed, there are plenty of weapons Our work spans the whole pathway of drug discovery and development, from the CRT makes sure we receive a share of any profits from our breakthroughs,

19 Jan 2012 Cancer drugs using anti-antiogenesis have been found to actually make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. Turmeric and vitamin D

22 Aug 2014 Photodynamic therapy is a two-step treatment procedure that uses photosensitizing drugs to make cancer cells vulnerable to light and then 20 Aug 2013 A new chemotherapy drug targets the structures that hold cancer cells together, potentially causing all types of cancerous tumors to Since then, many other drugs have been developed to treat cancer, and drug . verticillus, also intercalates DNA, but produces free radicals that damage DNA

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Get information about cancer treatment drugs and medicines commonly used in cancer care Each summary gives a list of the drugs that make up the combination and explains what the combination is used for. It also has links to summaries for individual

There are all types of cancer drugs in this list, including drugs used in (generic) name and brand name, to make it easy to find what you are looking for FDA approved prescription drugs for cancer and oncology