Pastors and mental illness

When I heard that Pastor Rick Warren had lost a son to mental illness, my heart broke, and I literally cried sitting in my car. I don39t know Pastor Warren personally, 28 Nov 2014 Matt Brogli, a Southern Baptist pastor in North Carolina, is among a growing The older ministers say that mental illness is not an issue, but

22 Sep 2014 Updated with Ed Stetzer es. Your pastor is just as likely to experience mental illness as any other American, according to a LifeWay

1 Dec 2014 More Pastors are Addressing Mental Illness. Trending. Alex Crain. What topic related to Christianity, faith, and the Bible is trending online and 30 Jan 2013 I am a United Methodist pastor, and I have a form of mental illness called bipolar disorder. I am not alone, and my situation is not unique. In the 17 Dec 2013 But these events, which took place within the last five weeks, show we are all susceptible to mental illness even the preacher. I know

Ministry and Mental Illness: 8 Thoughts to Help Hurting People

I am a bipolar Christian pastor and have searched for information on pastors with bipolar Are pastors meant to be above such things as mental illness All his life, the young seminarian had been the model of success: good grades, good relationships, good work ethic. In seminary, he began to experience

18 Sep 2014 Focus on the Family Equips Pastors to Address Mental Illness in the Church MENTAL ILLNESS AND THE CHURCH At Focus on the Family our Thriving Pastor ministry exists to equip church leaders for success with broken and hurting