New drug treatment for cancer

Most existing cancer drugs and treatments are poisons, designed to attack and hopefully kill cancer cells, or at least slow their growth. But most of these Research into causes, prevention and treatment of lung cancer is ongoing in many medical centers throughout the world. Find out what39s new here

The Face of Lung Cancer Changes, but New Drugs Show Promise although increasing the likelihood of contracting cancer, may allow treatment to destroy

Monoclonal antibody drugs are a relatively new innovation in cancer treatment. While several monoclonal antibody drugs are available for treating certain Research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer is under way in many medical centers throughout the world Lung cancer treatment is changing, thanks to research in prevention, early detection, and treatment. Recent advances in science and medicine include new

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3 days ago There are all types of cancer drugs in this list, including drugs used in chemotherapy, hormone therapies and biological therapies, and bisphosphonates. The drugs are listed in . Help New Brand middot Help middot Contact us Still on the horizon for treating breast cancer are anti-angiogenesis drugs. They block the formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors and help them grow

Aug 20, 2013 A new chemotherapy drug targets the structures that hold cancer cells together, potentially causing all types of cancerous tumors to A fact sheet that describes targeted cancer therapies, which are drugs that interfere Angiogenesis inhibitors block the growth of new blood vessels to tumors (a