Capp 218 plans and programs officer

Cadet Program Officer 217: Safety Officer 218: Plans and Programs Officer The CAP IG program is modeled after Air Force Instructions (AFI) 90-201 and Jan 29, 2002 The Professional Development Specialty Training Program is the focal CAPP 218 Specialty Track Study Guide-Plans and Programs Officer

The purpose of the CAP Professional Development Program is to help ensure that AF Squadron Officers School CAPP 218 - Plans and Programs Officer

CAPR 35-5, CAP Officer Appointments and Promotions -Date read CAPP 218 Plans and Programs. CAPP 202 Finance CAPP 204 Senior Program CAPR 50-17, CAP Senior Member Training Program. Date Read: Select Date. CAPR 35-5, CAP Officer Appointments and Promotions. Date Read CAPP 201 Public Affairs, CAPP 211 Operations, CAPP 218 Plans and Programs. CAPP 202 The plans and programs officer should be familiar with CAPP 218, the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws, and all policy matters relating to planning

CAP Specialty Track Information - St Paul Composite Squadron

CAPP 215. Aerospace Education. AE. CAPP 216. Cadet Programs. CP. CAPP 217. Safety. EXS. CAPP 218. Plans and Programs. XP. CAPP 221. Chaplain Oct 1, 1997 Supersedes CAPP 218, 30 November 1984. is applicable to both the plans and programs officers at wing level and the director of plans and

You joined CAP for a reason - to fly, work as a ground team member, work with cadets, 204 Senior Program Officer. Plans 218 Plans and Programs Officer Complete AFIADL 00013, CAP Senior Officer Course (desired). Complete Level III. Complete Plans and Programs Officer Senior rating. Master rating in any