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Burton Goldberg is not a doctor but a passionate layperson who has devoted his life to finding Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago, Burton . BG: I am very enthused about the work of Dr. Munoz in Tijuana, Mexico Outstanding referrals from consultations with Burton Goldberg on alternative treatments and the combination He is now in treatment with Dr. Munoz in Tijuana

Burton Goldberg is an active member of the Cancer Control Society and helps with Dr. Rubio runs a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico called the Rubio Cancer Center

Oasis of Hope Hospital for treating cancer using metabolic therapies Tijuana, Mexico There is a write up on Dr. Contreras in Burton Goldberg39s book The Oct 16, 2012 Alternative Cancer Treatments - Burton Goldberg - Dr Filiberto Munoz http:www. burtongoldberg.comindex.html Dr. Geronimo Rubio is a leading international researcher specializing in papers and books including Burton Goldberg39s groundbreaking Alternative Medicine the founder and medical director at the Rubio Cancer Center in Tijuana, Mexico,

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May 26, 2013 Back in 2003 when I interviewed The Voice Of Alternative Medicine Burton Goldberg for my film That many people who had cancer found it disappeared the Dr. Huggins discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in I asked about diet and he told me, The Doctor didn39t say anything about that. on the treatment in his Tijuana clinic, of course with no government interference. . of successful treatments see Definitive Guide to Cancer by Burton Goldberg

We are happy to announce San Diego Clinic the only Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico Mr. Burton Goldberg in his book Definitive Guide of Cancer (last edition) pages Sep 11, 2014 Mr. Goldberg if you39re not familiar with his name researched the Clinic in Reno NV or Dr. Munoz39s San Diego Clinic in Tijuana (just over the the DVD Cancer Conquest available from Burton Goldberg39s website, which