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The Asthma Friendly Schools program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and is a national initiative aimed at all The Asthma Friendly Schools (AFS) program is a national initiative aimed at all primary and secondary schools across Australia. The AFS program was

The Asthma Friendly Schools program has undergone some changes from For the latest information on asthma programs for schools please use the links

28 Sep 2013 A specific example of a school-based asthma education program developed for Australian children is 39Asthma Friendly Schools39 (Henry et al., This year saw a huge growth in our Asthma Friendly Schools (AFS) Program. that are Asthma Friendly rose from 26 at the start of July 2008 to 38.47 by 30 Asthma is a significant problem among Australian children and adolescents. the work has been done through the Asthma Friendly Schools Program in

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An Asthma Friendly School adopts the AFS program strategies to support the To be recognised as an Asthma Friendly School, each school must address and In 2013, Asthma Foundation NSW is excited to be launching an updated Asthma Friendly program for schools. Asthma Friendly programs in NSW are now

Asthma Friendly Schools is a program that has been run through Asthma Foundations across Australia for many years. The aim is to recognise those schools 60 of schools across Australia are recognised as having current training, provided by Asthma Friendly schools are recognised for taking extra measures to