Plans for a suppressor

Article outlining Paul Grahams proposal, and spam FAQs how to make a gun silencer silencer for rifles, pistols, airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols. and paint ball guns. drawings, building plan. silencer installation

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How to Make a Silencer for a Mini 14. The Ruger Mini14 rifle is a powerful yet compact weapon. You can make a silencer, or gun suppressor as it is more correctly Potato Gun Silencer Plans. It took me a while to make these plans. They do help silence the gun, but only to a certain extent, you can still hear the boom here are the plans to make homemade silencers. Homemade Silencers. This is a phile on building a firearm noise suppresser. It can be made simply out of cardboard and

A Plan for Spam - Paul Graham

A gun silencer, often also referred to as a suppressor, works in a similar fashion as does a car muffler. The car muffler is composed of chambers for the compact hey i was wondering if anyone had any plans for a silencer. im thinking of making one for the .308 and .223.and dont worry i live in new zealand and its perfectly

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