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My goal was 12.00 total to cover the cost of a rocket kit, 3 engines, a launch pad and controller. With 5.00 allocated for the rocket, and 3.00 for the engines, Brad39s first home-built electronic launch controller was constructed from the plans written and designed by Michael Moncur which can be found HERE. We owe

This will avoid launch failure and maximize the battery life. A model rocket launch controller is designed to do just one thing ignite the rocket motors. An igniter

17 Sep 2013 This is a simple model rocket launch controller made from parts DIY Rocket Fly Into Space - Amateur High Power Solid Model Rocket Launch Includes a schematic of a simple two-switch controller circuit, as well as recommendations to Article includes photos of launches and rocket parachute descent So why have a controller anyway As stated by the NAR rocket safety code a controller with a safety interlock should be used. This isn39t just to complicate things

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The LaunchIt is an inexpensive and customizable model rocket launching system you can make Tech-savvy DIY Enthusiasts Innovative Projects and Ideas Plans for building a model rocket launch controller

16 Apr 2011 This is the a rocket launch controller I made that has the option of internal power using 9v batteries or external power using a 12v gel cell or car A launch controller that could handle 4-6 pads. select a pad and then throw multiple switches to launch more than one rocket. I finally made the circuit work