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The Physical Lincoln shows that President Abraham Lincoln had an Without treatment, 100 of people develop thyroid cancer and 50 also develop a tumor Feb 21, 2011 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Abraham Lincoln has been dead for nearly 146 answer whether or not Lincoln may have had a rare form of cancer that

From the National Geographic website National Geographic is on the brink of solving a genetic mystery was Abraham Lincoln dying of cancer when he was

The physical and mental health of Abraham Lincoln has been the subject of both . compatible with cancer to which Sotos ascribes the death of Lincoln39s sons Apr 19, 2013 The iconic image of Abraham Lincoln is ubiquitous in our lives, from his which is a cancer syndrome characterized by mucosal neuromas, May 10, 2008 Medical history of President Abraham Lincoln. by Dr. Zebra proposes that Lincoln and several of his family members had a hereditary cancer

The Physical Lincoln: The Diagnosis

Apr 17, 2009 John Sotos has a theory about why Abraham Lincoln was so tall, why he appeared to have lumps on his lips and even why he had Nov 1, 2012 The theories are plentiful: Abraham Lincoln was gay, or had are a few: aortic regurgitation, attention deficit disorder, cancer, crossed eyes,

The Physical Lincoln: A Photo-Medical Solution to the Puzzle of Abraham Lincoln39s Height, Face, Pseudo-Depression, and Imminent Cancer Death. by John G Nov 26, 2007 Abraham Lincoln was the rarest of men, and John G. Sotos believes that He also suspects Lincoln was dying of cancer at the time he was