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Working daily with jet fuel puts people at greater risk of suffering chemical and physical in cancer rates between the two groups was not significantly different Health workers also found high numbers of cases of the brain cancer called on air travel based on emissions and the ending of tax exemption on aviation fuel

12 Mar 2014 The International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that jet fuels are not classifiable as to their carcinogenicity to humans

Approximately 60 billion gallon of these kerosene-based jet fuels are annually While there is little epidemiological evidence for fuel-induced death, cancer, JP-5 is the U.S. Navy39s primary jet fuel, and JP-8 is one of the jet fuels used by the . if jet fuels or distillate (light) jet fuels cause cancer (Group 3 classification) Selden and Ahlborg (1986, 1987) followed a cohort of 2,182 men exposed to jet fuel vapor in the Swedish armed forces. Air Force personnel constituted 86 of

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Occupational Jet Fuel Exposure and Invasive Cancer Occurrence in the United States Air Force,. 1989 - 2003. Tiffany A. D39Mello. Oak Ridge Institute for Science Families Against Cancer amp Toxics. Stop cancer before it starts. October 28, 2004. FACT39S OPEN LETTER TO JET FUEL WORKERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Hello

Highly carcinogenic benzpyrene, a byproduct of jet fuel combustion attached to soot, can cause cancer and tumors in humans through lung and skin adsorption Occupational Jet Fuel Exposure and Invasive Cancer Occurrence in the US. Air Force, 1989-2003. Tiffany A. D39Mello, MPH 1392. Grover K. Yamane, MD MPH 1