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20 May 2013 I toke 1 dose 4 tablets (250 mg each) for a total of 1000 g of Azithromycin all at once in 1 dose about a month and 2 weeks ago. I just got 15 Apr 2006 Chlamydia trachomatis infection most commonly affects the a single 1-g dose of azithromycin orally, or doxycycline at a dosage of 100 mg

20 Jan 2009 What is chlamydia, how chlamydia is transmitted, antibiotics for Chlamydia including azithromycin, doxycycline, CDC recommended dosage

What is the course of treatment and medication information for Chlamydia std. The antibiotic drug azithromycin, zitromax, zithromax dosage. Chlamydia photos Treatment with a single 1 g dose of azithromycin was compared to 100 mg doxycycline RESULTS: Chlamydia trachomatis was cultured from 148 patients, 13 Aug 2014 Chlamydial genital infection is the most frequently reported infectious disease in the United Azithromycin 1 g orally in a single dose. OR

How effective is 1 dose of azithromycin for curing Chlamydia

Chlamydia treatment, symptoms, amp chlamydia pictures - learn chlamydia or Zithromax (azithromycin) 1.0 gm (4 x 250 mg) a single dose, or Zithromax 18 Mar 2013 Zithromax capsules and suspension contain the active ingredient azithromycin, For the treatment of chlamydia only one dose is needed

We compared a single 1 gm dose of azithromycin with the standard 7-day course of doxycycline for the treatment of uncomplicated chlamydial genital infection in 18 May 2012 Recommended Regimens for Treating Chlamydial Infections. Azithromycin 1 g orally in a single dose. OR. Doxycycline 100 mg orally twice a