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Referral. There are broadly four categories of women presenting to breast cancer services: Women attending the NHSBSP. Women with a family history of breast 20 Jan 2007 On Referral Patterns for Patients With Breast Cancer by their clinician or health plan, and 20 self-selected their surgeons without a referral

Breast amp Ovarian Cancer Information amp Research - Risk Management FORCE has created this Surgeon Referral Tool to allow users to connect one on one

newly diagnosed breast cancer. Fax referral to Geelong Hospital. Breast Surgery Outpatients. Fax number 03 421 51383. All diagnosed Breast Malignancies will 14 Feb 2014 In England: everyone referred to a specialist with breast symptoms should be seen within two weeks of referral by a GP. In Wales: anyone Referral information for Breast Surgery: Oxford University Hospitals. If the GP is suspicious that a patient has breast cancer the patient should be referred to the

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At Stanford, our breast cancer doctors and researchers have been Our Breast Cancer Program is a major referral center for patients across the country Med Care. 2000 Jul38(7):696-704. Referral of breast cancer patients to medical oncologists after initial surgical management. Siminoff LA, Zhang A, Saunders

Referral of Breast Cancer Patients to Medical Oncologists After. Initial Surgical Management. LAURA A. SIMINOFF, PHD, AMY ZHANG, PHD, CHRISTINA M It is critical to remember that inflammatory breast cancer, which makes up 1 to 5 of all Referral to a breast surgeon may occur for open breast biopsy when