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Hi, I was just wondering if people can really get a hard on with Viagra. Is it really hard How long does do they last Once you come, do you still

12 May 2003 So in my situation if I take viagra, it would just keep me hard after I have my orgasmn correct thus letting my partner keep going until she gets 18 May 2012 In today39s Self-Fulfilling Prophesy news, researchers have found that men who don39t need Viagra but take it anyway because they like how hard 2 Jul 2008 There is a lot of science stuff in newspapers that is just (barely) warmed over press releases from companies or universities. They get pushed

Hard sell the evolution of a viagra salesman by jamie reidy. 1

VIAGRA is one of the most successful drugs in history. It39s used to treat men who have problems getting or keeping a hard-on until they cum. What VIAGRA does 2 Jul 2012 3 Answers - Posted in: viagra - Answer: All viagra does is help the circulation in your penis so that you can

25 Feb 2013 1 Answer - Posted in: viagra - Answer: It may do depending on the cause of the problem. Here is a good link for 15 Sep 2010 However, even when they work, erection drugs do not produce the rock-hard erection men recall from their youth or see in pornography