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18 Nov 2013 It39s so funny how throughout my 34 years I39ve heard so many Instead my real birth plan is this: 39Be yourself, and do the very best you can39 1 Oct 2013 At Belly Bootcamp we39ve heard all kinds of stories from our mommies about just- as-we-planned births and birth plans gone awry. The funny

28 Jun 2012 Thank you and congratulations for being on shift for the birth of our child. emergency requires you to deviate from this plan, please refer to Jamie and Jeff39s Emergency Birth Plan. . Whip-smart and laugh-out-loud funny.

4 Oct 2009 This was a birth plan handed to me by a patient. She was funny but serious :) I am a midwife patient. We are very excited about our upcoming 12 Mar 2009 Well, I was told that I should probably have a birth plan and, to be honest I did: . tagged with birth plan, funny birth plan, humorous birth plan Create your own personalized and printable birth plan

My Birth Plan Emily Henderson

1 Apr 2005 So, you can probably all understand why this would strike me as funny and , given Please don39t tell my mom that or let her read our birth plan 12 Jan 2012 Several commenters took umbrage at the idea that a birth plan is the hallmark of a birthzilla. What39s wrong with making a birth plan they ask

We wanna know: What is the most ridiculous birth plan you39ve ever heard .. I did find it funny that my nurse was trying to bribe me to push the baby out faster Oh, don39t feel badly most new mommies think they dictate how the birthing going to be brought into the world and designed my own birth plan accordingly: .. So funny After I had my daughter I spent time with a pregnant friend who told me