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23 Oct 2003 Weil Vitamin Advisor Sooner or later almost everyone gets a muscle cramp - also known as a charley horse. These sudden, painful knots Some experts believe that vitamin B supplements may help prevent and treat charley horses. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, more research is required

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Take vitamins: A lack of vitamin E or other vitamins can cause charley horses. Take a daily multivitamin or increase your intake of the right foods to get the daily 18 Jul 2013 Most of us have experienced an occasional charley horse, that sudden, intense muscle pain that grips the calf muscle. A charley horse is uncomfortable, to be sure, but usually harmless. . Vitamin D works for me. Reply 5 days ago Vitamin supplements can also help alleviate a charley horse, particularly if it is brought on by a vitamin deficiency. Taking 400 IU of vitamin E

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what causes painful leg cramps at night, and offer 4 simple tips to prevent a charley horse. Get plenty of vitamin D3, magnesium, potassium, and calcium A charley horse is a cramp that hits with no warning signs. The pain can be excruciating. Causes include sore muscles, vitamin and mineral deficiencies,

27 Mar 2014 A charley horse is one of the most common types of muscle spasms that mostly Besides, natural vinegar is a cheaper source of vitamins and One horse that nobody wants is the charlie horsethat wickedly painful These vitamins work hand in hand in preventing muscle cramps and keeping your