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4 Nov 2011 Phenobarbital (PHNO), Phenytoin. Dimension Vista System. (PTN) and Theophylline (THEO) methods on the Dimension Vista. System Drug. Time to Specimen Collection. Steady State. Phenobarbital (PHNO). T. 10 to 25 days. Phenytoin (PTN). T. Usual: 4 to 10 days. Primidone. T. 2 to 3 days

PH : no known underlying dis. PE : T 37.8oc, moderate pale and .. Idiosyncracy : Sulfa, phenytoin, CBZ, PTU, anti-TB. Onset of exposure usually 4 days 8

Ph no: 91-9632874332, 91-9730858235. Fax no: 91-230- as phenytoin, cyclosporine or nifedipine which could have induced gingival enlargement lidocaine, lithium, phenobarbital, phenytoin (free and total), procainamide, quinidine . PHNO. 15 40 gmL. gt45.0. 5.0. 240 phenobarbital (saliva). FPHNOS Ethanol (medical ONLY). LITH. Lithium. PHNO. Phenobarbitol. PTN. Phenytoin ( Dilantin). SAL. Salicylate. THEO. Theophylline. VALP. Valproate (Depakene)

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Ph.No: 8871235460. E-MAIL: ABSTRACT. Introduction: Gingival overgrowth, recognized since long as a deleterious side- effect of Phenobarbital (PHNO MACH1) middot Phenytoin (PHENY MACH1) middot Phosphorus ( PHOS MACH1) middot Platelet Count (PLTCT MAHM1) middot Potassium (K MACH1)

19 Feb 2014 Uttarakhand, India, , Ph. No: 09758549438 www. gdjpr. Phenytoin was obtained as a gift sample from Zeneca RNTRP. PENTOBARBITAL. PENTO. PHENOBARBITAL. PHNO. PHENYTOIN (Dilantin). Total. DIL. Free amp Total. FTDIL. SALICYLATE