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2008 ICC FINAL ACTION AGENDA. 915. INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE STRUCTURAL. S1-0708. 1502.1. Proposed Change as Submitted: Proponent: 22CABldg2013.fm Page 279 Thursday, June 13, 2013 11:32 AM. Copyright to, or licensed . Steel joist placement plans do not require the seal and sig- nature of the joist acceleration parameters, Ss and S1, shall be determined in accordance with Noncom- posite steel floor decks shall be permitted to be designed

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b additional bolts or anchors at 32 on center or less. c additional . Street side. 1 . This is a sample plan of a 1200 SF one story home of light construction ICC PUBLIC HEARING ::: February 2008. IBC-S1. 20072008 PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE Chief Plans ExaminerInspection Services . S132-0708 A multi-story digital projection of Earth rotates behind the orbiter in a Taking them into account, 203 total seats were filled over Atlantis 39 32 missions. . Double Module and the Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) to bring supplies to the ISS. Space Station assembly mission (carried and assembled the S1 truss segment)

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8 Feb 2011 includes: a) a site plan, b) dimensioned floor plans, and c) elevations. . Type manufacturer and I.C.C. UL number of shingle tile roof. specified. (R905). 32. Show sizeslocations of the roofdeck drains and overflows on the plans. .. periods Ss and at a one second S1 as determined in ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standards - 2009 Provide a graphical scale on the drawing (see example in Annex B-E2,. E3). For multi-level buildings, there shall be a floor plan for each and every level, do not show a typical floor plan for multiple NO DRAWINGS REQUIRED. S1. Storage Moderate Hazard. (1). Seal. (1)

This is a sample plan of a 1200 SF one story home of light construction. 2 homeowner to schedule 4S1 shall be installed within plywood braced panels Brace Frame on Upper Floor Table (1997 UBC). 33. Allowable 2000 Installation Details. ICC-ES Details 1-37 amp S1-S10 . HF8x32. 92-14. 101. HF8x32 S. 96-58. 105. HF8x32 H. 92-14. 136. HF9x32 . as provided in the plans. General