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Bruising or discoloration, Puffy eyelids, Swelling and Tenderness to touch Dermatomyositis is a condition that causes muscle swelling and weakness, and a 9 Mar 2011 Sore swollen eyelids are always worrisome. Photo Credit girl with swollen eye crying allergy image by Katrina Miller from Fotolia.com

How long will I be bruised and swollen following my surgery Dr. Klapper specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive services of the eyelids and face. . worsening of your swelling, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to your topical

12 Oct 2010 You will have sensitivity to sunlight, wind and other irritants for several Expect temporary swelling of the eyelids, tightness of lids, bruising, by the symptoms Bruising or discoloration, Eye irritation, Puffy eyelids and Swelling and including Hay fever, Allergic reaction and Pink eye (conjunctivitis) 31 Dec 2013 The symptoms of a black eye include bruising and swelling of the eyelid and soft tissue around the injured eye, sometimes accompanied by

Bruising or discoloration, Puffy eyelids, Swelling and Tenderness to

2 May 2011 Eyelid Pain Information Including Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, it can easily become inflamed, resulting in swelling and pain Once I noticed that the swelling was not going down I became worried. I had ptosis (drooping of the eyelid), but she couldn39t explain the dark red scaling bruise. swollen upper eyelids for months-no itching-related to Lunes

16 May 2014 The most common cause of eyelid swelling is eye allergies. When a stye first develops, the eye may feel bruised and may feel sensitive to A black eye, sometimes called a shiner, is a bruise around the eye. A black eye causes swelling and black-and-blue discoloration of the eyelids and soft