Importance of blood pressure and pulse

17 Nov 2014 Blood pressure is typically recorded as two numbers, written as a ratio Which number is more important, top (systolic) or bottom (diastolic) Pulse Pressure is the difference between the two blood pressure numbers. It can be more important than the blood pressure itself Learn more from this

This serves the important function of damping the pulsatile output of the left ventricle, In trauma a low or narrow pulse pressure suggests significant blood loss

6 Feb 2014 How important is pulse pressure to your overall health Answers from Blood pressure readings are given in two numbers. The top number is Pulse rate. Respiration rate (rate of breathing). Blood pressure (Blood When checking respiration, it is important to also note whether a person has any 30 Sep 2014 Knowing yours can be an important heart-health gauge. you39re on a beta blocker to decrease your heart rate (and lower blood pressure) or to

Understanding Blood Pressure Readings

18 Nov 2009 Should that information become clearer in clinical studies, the next important step is to figure out how to use both blood pressure and pulse However, the relative importance of various blood pressure measures as predictors for CHD risk is not, in our opinion, tested properly. We believe that the

In this review we compare the relative importance of various blood pressure Pulse pressure reflects stiffening of large arteries and is associated with several Pulse pressure as a blood pressure (BP) parameter is an important mortality predictor (13) and, among hemodialysis (HD) patients, pulse pressure appears to