Helping children understand diabetes

Nov 12, 2013 Health Nuts Media39s Video Series Understanding Diabetes Helps Kick Off World Diabetes Day. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 12, Read below to learn more about our premier program. Special events for kids and families. How we help children understand diabetes. Help for parents

Diabetes means a problem with insulin, an important hormone in the body. Find out how children with diabetes can stay healthy and do the normal stuff kids like

Understanding Your Child39s Feelings about Diabetes some common feelings your child with diabetes may have and how you can help him or her cope Diabetes is a disease that affects the whole family, especially when a child is or other family member, your support and understanding can make all the difference . We provide information and resources to help every child and every family An updated synopsis of the larger book, Understanding Diabetes, providing a book in Spanish to help children develop a better understanding of diabetes

Animated Videos Help Kids Around the World Understand Diabetes

If you need to explain diabetes to kids, this brochure will help -- providing scientific information in easy-to-understand terms, plus educational word games If your friend has diabetes then you can be a good friend by: understanding that he may seem a bit tired or grumpy

Lara Takes Charge (Helping Kids Understand Diabetes) Rocky Lang, Sally Huss on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Lara is an active little Young children may have difficulty understanding the sudden changesglucose monitoring, insulin injections, food restrictionsthat type 1 diabetes brings to