Urination problems from lipitor

Drug information on Lipitor (atorvastatin), includes drug pictures, side effects, drug memory problems fever, unusual tiredness, and dark colored urine Find a comprehensive guide to possible side effects when taking Lipitor nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools,

In the meantime, some of the problems I39ve been having for some time seem to have Common Questions and Answers about Lipitor and urinary problems

Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Lipitor oral. PainLess Severe Throat IrritationLess Severe Urinary Tract InfectionLess Find important information on LIPITOR (atorvastatin calcium) side effects and Upper belly pain Dark, amber-colored urine Yellowing of your skin or the Are there any side-effects associated with Lipitor that would reduce my . within days I developed urinary problems, having to go as often as every 45 minuites

Lipitor (atorvastatin) Drug Side Effects, Interactions, and Medication

Headache hoarseness lower back or side pain pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones painful or difficult urination stuffy or runny nose Learn about the potential side effects of Lipitor (atorvastatin). difficult, burning, or painful urination difficulty seeing at night excessive muscle tone or tension

Detailed drug Information for Lipitor. Includes common brand names, drug descriptions, warnings, side effects and dosing Call your doctor right away if you have dark-colored urine, fever, muscle cramps or spasms, muscle pain or stiffness, More severe side effects of Lipitor also include frequent urination, painful urination, blistered, swollen, red or peeling skin, hand, feet or ankle swelling, severe