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This lesson is based on key terms and vocabulary dealing with animal welfare and I Googled to find lesson plans to present to my first graders on pet care Lesson plan ideas for educators provided by the Cochrane and Area Humane Society. Conduct research on proper pet care for an animal of their choice

National Pet Week (NPW) Lesson Plans: Targeted to grades 1-4, the lessons teach students about responsible pet care, the human-animal bond, and what

In this lesson students discover the similarities between all living things and the importance of responsible pet owner. This lesson focuses on dogs and cats This lesson encourages children to think about animals and animal welfare particularly Lesson 1. From Unit: Pet Care and Safety. View Comments 1. print Lesson plans for humane education. Lessons are aligned to the Massachusetts Department of Education39s What An Animal Needs (Pet Care, Grades K-2)

Lesson Plan - Pets Have Needs Too - Learning to Give

Responsibilities of Caring for a Dog (This lesson plan can be adapted to include other animal companions). Title: What Every Dog Needs. Grade Level: 25 Jul 2012 Lesson plans and resources for QCA unit 3 Animals and Us. 1 and 2, teaching pupils about responsible pet care and the needs of animals

Grade-appropriate lesson plans and worksheets to teach academic skills and Students will become familiar with pets39 basic needs by discussing pet-care Lesson plan printable activities for a take care of your pets riddle book theme for Children can learn about pet care in Animaland sponsored by the American