How can cancer be prevented

February is National Cancer Prevention Month - learn what you can do to prevent cancer Cancers don39t develop overnight. These cancer-fighting foods and other lifestyle moves can significantly reduce your cancer risk. Of course, you should always

9 Sep 2014 There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, but we can reduce the risk and find it if it does occur. Learn more about cancer prevention

12 Dec 2012 So if you39re concerned about cancer prevention, take comfort in the fact that some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Consider 16 Apr 2014 Half of all cancers can be prevented Many people believe that getting cancer is purely down to genes, fate or bad luck. But through scientific 3 Apr 2008 Many people think cancer is entirely genetic and cannot be avoided, but that39s not true. Healthy behaviors could prevent about half of cancer

Cancer Prevention What you can do to reduce your risk of cancer

There are many ways in which your risk of cancer can be reduced, either by preventing it or detecting it in its early stages. You can reduce your risk of cancer by 21 Jan 2014 A doctor who specialized in the treatment of cancer is called an oncologist. He or she may be a surgeon, a specialist in radiation therapy, or a

5 Dec 2014 Many liver cancers can be prevented by public health measures that reduce exposure to known risk factors for this disease Prevent cancer by eating cancer-fighting foods and following these other lifestyle tips that can lower your cancer risk from the experts at