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Plan Orange was the U.S. Navy39s contingency plan in the event of war with Japan . First developed following the First World War, when Japan was identified as War Plan Orange has 41 ratings and 8 reviews. William said: Published September 1st 1991 by US Naval Institute Press (first published 1991). more details

The latest revision of these plans, completed in April 1941 and called WPO-3, was based on the joint Army-Navy ORANGE plan of 1938, one of the many color

Based on twenty years of research in formerly secret archives, this book reveals for the first time the full significance of War Plan Orangethe U.S. Navy39s Draft Manuscript for War Plan Orange dated March 1990 Abstract: Research Materials on the US Navy39s Navy39s pre-World War II plans for war with Japan War Plan Orange: The U.S. Strategy to Defeat Japan, 1897-1945, , Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1887-

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The Great War at Sea series hypothetical situation of possible naval action between US and Japan in the 1930s. Game is based on actual US navy plans May 7, 2011 In PLAN ORANGE, the Pacific Strategic War Plan, U.S. strategists theorized But the RED-ORANGE PLAN stayed on the US Joint Army-Navy

War Plan Orange (commonly known as Plan Orange or just Orange) refers to a series of United States Joint Army and Navy Board war plans for dealing with a Prior to World War II, the United States39s war plans were code-named by color. to understand the methods of American war planning, and it is the only book on War Plan Orange. Naval Institute Press, Mar 1, 2007 - History - 509 pages