Theater popcorn allergy

The butter is very rich that they use and they usually pop their corn in coconut oil, so it could be that you are sensitive to that particular ingredient I had a very frightening episode with my son at the movie theatre. We were eating popcorn,and he told me he thought a piece was stuck

I am PA and was wondering if movie theatre popcorn was a safe snack

It39s hard to resist the smell and taste of movie theater popcorn. company39s manufacturing facility is gluten free and that all ingredients are checked for allergens Jun 24, 2010 If your child39s food allergies occur from ingesting food allergens, it39s much For example, some movie theaters serve buttered popcorn that Aug 12, 2012 Just thinking about movie theater popcorn makes me feel ill. .. Also there is an allergy for just about everything. Why fear it all I eat what I can

Is it possible to be allergic to movie theatre popcorn butter

Harkins Theatres Popcorn Nutritional Facts. Popcorn seed, salt, canola oil. Allergy Information: Product does not contain wheat gluten. Product contains corn Similar Questions: eat movie popcorn butter theater sick causing illness . Maybe very simple common allergen many people do not know they

Answers from trusted physicians on can you be allergic to popcorn. First: It could be an allergy to corn or it could be an intolerance. Maybe it is an additive in the Nov 24, 2009 We never buy popcorn at the theater. I don39t think there are peanuts in the popcorn per se, just don39t know what39s in that butter or how clean