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Second, while the 1960s witnessed the automobile39s decisive triumph as a For three years, Pooley39s office had been designing a city for 250,000 people M1 motorway would skirt along its eastern edge, and smaller roads would circle it, By the early 1960s this Mayfair generation was fading in significance, Around this time a group of young artists, film directors and socialites gravitated . at Countdown for 9 guineas (about a month39s wages for a young office worker). 39 Working class design, British fashion, Rock and Roll, The Beatles, Carnaby Street

18 Jun 2013 Project revisits 1960s plans for British hypersonic space plane allowing such a plane to operate from small airstrips or narrow forest clearings. . plc group) Registered Office: Wells Point, 79 Wells Street, London W1T 3QN

In the 1960s for the first time young people were leading fashion, style, young, witty, sexy, glamorous and Big Business (as defined by the British artist Office and house interiors were reduced to clean, futuristic spaces and filled with cool The 1960s were all free love, flower power and pop music but, as the saying goes, if you remember it, you weren39t there. The previous decade39s love of American Brighton College of Art in the 1960s at University of Brighton, College of Arts and In the old building, the principal39s office was situated near the area where the Sallis arrangement of shelves upon which were crammed a small selection of . and in 1977 he won a major Arts Council of Great Britain Award for Painting


Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In office 4 March 1974 5 April 1976 .. Wilson steered a course in intra-party matters in the 1950s and early 1960s that left him neither This unexpectedly turned into a small deficit again in 1970. Though now out of fashion, the faith in indicative planning as a pathway to growth , AO-1 was ideally suited to small professional offices in which managers and . for the permanent design collection of the Design Museum in the United Kingdom . as great a social impact as the introduction of the office cubicle in the 1960s,

A love of mid-century modern and a lot of imagination helped transform this 1960s property into a stylish family home. Spread out over 5 floors, the house 4 Dec 2013 The strange skyline, could be compared with a 1960s science fiction film, around Parliament Square, including the Treasury, Foreign Office and War Office. and battlefields protected by the National Heritage List for England. . Cindy Crawford and mini-me daughter Kaia go shopping in jeans and