Provera irregular periods

2232010018332Hello, I am 30 years old and was on the Depo-Provera shot for 3 years during which time I did not have a single period. I had my last shot in January 2008 Ive taken Provera twice, once in Dec and then again in Jan. In Dec it took 5 days after the last pill for me to get my period. Then in Jan my period had not yet come

Q: I have been having irregular periods for the past two months. I had been taking ashokarisht, ayurvedic medicine, but when I visited my gynaec, she suggested that I

I have Provera 5mg. I have super bad periods that knock me down for 2 days straight, no matter what. (This occurs on day 3 and 4 of my period.) hi, I have just started provera to induce my period. Has anyone taken it and how long it took to get period OCs are often used to regulate periods in women with menstrual disorders, including menorrhagia (heavy bleeding), dysmenorrhea (severe pain), and amenorrhea

Off Depo Provera But Still No Period, Whats Wrong

Provera is a common medication prescribed to women who do not get a regular period. Here is some basic information about getting a period after taking provera Agony of ovulation. Am I pregnant or is there any other reason for my period to be late Bleeding between periods. Bleeding two weeks after the period is over

I have PCOS, my doctor prescribed me Provera 10mg for 10 days to start having a period again. i started in july and the 11th day had a very heavy period Depo-Provera is a branded progestin -only contraceptive, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) long acting reversible hormonal contraceptive birth control drug