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The Cancer Federation is a non-profit organization incorporated and It is dedicated to funding cancer research and scholarships, including many in Illinois Clothing, furniture and house ware donation center and thrift store. Kosher meal delivery for people living with HIVAIDS, cancer or other serious illnesses

The Cancer Federation is one of the nation39s foremost 501(c)3 non profit foundations We are seeking thrift store operators who would like to go into a buysell

Drop Off: 1302 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL. Bridge to Success Cancer Federation Phone: 800-962-3260 Lamb39s Farm Thrift Shop Phone: 847-327- The clothing closets, often in partnership with the low cost thrift stores, can help relieve financial Items provided by the Cook County Illinois centers are usually gently used, but some programs may Cancer Federation Dial 800-962-3260 Cancer Federation Benefits: American Cancer Society Pick-up: 8AM-6PM, Benefits: Homeless women and their children in McHenry County amp Northern IL Drop off at any of the Five local thrift stores M-F 10AM-7PM, Sat 1-AM-5PM

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For over 40 years, the Society has owned and operated these specialty resale stores, featuring items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, furniture, artwork, See our Donation Guidelines for a list of items we need as well as items we cannot accept. On behalf of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, thank you for your

The Federation contracts with Thrift Stores, where the public can donate their discards as follows: We want your donations to HELP FIGHT CANCER Chicago ( Area), Illinois 1-800-962-3260, Lackawna, NY Community Thrift Store - I didn39t find an ugly sweater, but I found .. that it is a FOR PROFIT store that parks a Childrens Cancer Federation donation truck in front