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Generic Name: hydrocodone and acetaminophen (a SEET a MIN oh fen and hye Brand Names: Anexsia, Dolorex Forte, Hycet, Liquicet, Lorcet 10650, Lorcet I39ve had circular hydrocodone pills before and they were not as good as the curved brand it is. Generic or name brand, the effects won39t differ

13 Jan 2013 I use to get my pain prescription filled at CVS when they had the generic brand Amneal with the logo IP 119 on the pill. Then they switched

Norco is the brand name for the hydrocodone and acetaminophen (APAP) combination. But most pharmacies do not stock this as readily as they do the generic 6 Oct 2014 Introduction: Since 2009, hydrocodone has been the second most There are several hundred brand name and generic hydrocodone 18 May 2012 My doctor prescribed me Hydrocodone 10500 for my back pain. Want to get the script filled at WalMart but need to know what Generic brand

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5 Dec 2014 GENERIC NAME: hydrocodoneacetaminophen Maxidone, Stagesic, Verdrocet , Xodol, Zamicet, Zolvit and Anexsia (discontinued brand) 19 Dec 2008 Most definitely each generic brand can have a varied amnt of the actual hydrocodone. FDA states they can have a range from 120 of the

hydrocodoneacetaminophen - oral, Lortab on hydrocodone acetaminophen, I liked the one39s from wal-mart the 10325 the generic, and my friend liked the name brand lortab she would only get them from albertsons