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Explore our colorectal cancer survival rates. At CTCA, we provide our cancer survival rates and statistics to help you make more informed treatment decisions 1 Dec 2014 One-, five- and ten-year survival. 77 of men survive bowel cancer for at least one year, and this is predicted to fall to 59 surviving for five

30 Apr 2014 This page contains quite detailed information about the survival rates of different stages of bowel cancer. We have included it because many

However, with prompt and appropriate treatment, the outlook for a person with colorectal cancer is hopeful. The survival rate for people with colorectal cancer Percent Surviving 5 Years. 64.7 2004-2010. Number of New Cases and Deaths per 100,000: The number of new cases of colon and rectum cancer was 43.7 1 Nov 2014 Survival rates of colorectal cancer are based on outcomes of people who39ve had the disease. Find the survival rates for colorectal cancer here

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And if cancer is present, earlier detection means a chance at a longer life -- generally, five-year survival rates for colon cancer are lower the further advanced the Stage I cancers have a survival rate of 80-95 percent. Stage II tumors have survival rates ranging from 55 to 80 percent. A stage III colon cancer has about a 40

5 Jun 2014 Stage III colon cancer denotes lymph node involvement. Studies have indicated that the number of lymph nodes involved affects prognosis Aggressive surgery to remove all of the cancer offers a great potential for cure. The five-year survival rate for stage I colorectal cancer is 93 according to the