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16 Oct 2008 Both presidential candidates have proposed temporary tax cuts designed to help READ MORE: Details of Obama and McCain plans 2 Sep 2008 His plan achieves these goals in three important ways. In stark contrast to Barack Obama, Mr. McCain believes that tax policy should be used

15 Oct 2008 The candidates do have significant differences. Senator McCain39s plan extends all of the Bush tax cuts, while Senator Obama39s does not extend

9 Jul 2008 The most in-depth comparison to date of McCain and Barack Obama39s tax plans was performed by the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the 5 Jun 2008 Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are both proposing tax plans that would result in cuts for most American families. Obama39s plan President Barack Obama touts his tax plan as raising taxes on households making more than . Senator McCain, Regulated Capitalism is Not Socialism

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loopholesObama probably more than McCain. The two candidates39 plans would have sharply different distributional effects. Senator McCain39s tax cuts would 11 Jun 2008 McCain and Obama want to change the bottom-line effects of the tax code. Here39s a dollars-and-cents breakdown of what their plans could

OBAMA: McCain is proposing 300 billion in tax cuts to some of the wealthiest McCain made his tax plan sound way too generous to middle-income taxpayers 14 Aug 2008 Both John McCain and Barack Obama have proposed tax plans that would substantially increase the national debt over the next ten years,