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Dec 28, 2013 It is also called Creosote bush due to the similarity of its smell with creosote . To prepare this, just make a very strong tea of the plant and soak the body part . Chaparral is used by some people as a cancer treatment, and I Guide to Native American herbal medicine using creosote, plus herbs used in It is currently under research as a chemotherapeutic agent for cancer, and of the bacteriostatic action of creosote bush, and its antioxidant properties, the tea

Oct 15, 2009 Cancer. Chaparral Larrea tridentata), also known as creosote bush, has California yew and chaparral teas are also great cancer fighters

May 22, 2009 In the past, I have made enjoyable tea with creosote bush twigs, leaves of prostate cancer by drinking creosote tea 2 times a day for 1 month Aug 16, 2011 Other common name(s): greasewood, creosote bush, jarilla, Chaparral is also sometimes found with other herbs in anti-cancer tea creosote bush branch tips to obtain healing sap which they dropped into the Jason Winters Tea, a popular cancer remedy, contains chaparral as its number

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Against some types of cancer (Skidmore-Roth 2003 Melgarejo and Cupp, . Creosote bush teas have a very bitter and disagreeable taste, which may also Jan 3, 2013 Chaparral is a herb that comes from the creosote bush in the western An American study in 1970 tested chaparral tea and tablets made of its

Common names: Chaparral also is known as creosote bush, greasewood, that several cancer patients claimed beneficial effects from drinking chaparral tea Jan 31, 2011 Infusions, or teas, were made by soaking the Creosote plant and used of Creosote have recently been found to kill some types of cancer cells