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992007018332Instructional clip on how to take blood pressure using an aneroid sphygmomanometer This video clip offers an introduction to high blood pressure

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The ADC aneroid sphygmomanometer blood pressure cuff is both durable and inexpensive. This is an ideal cuff for use at home, school and in medical offices Aneroid sphygmomanometers are manual sphygmomanometers with a manometer gauge for measuring blood pressure. They are widely used and are safer than How does a blood pressure gauge (sphygmomanometer) work What exactly is blood pressure 01 April 2000.

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1112012018332This is a biologyanatomy video for Grade 10-11 students about Blood Pressure, its causes and effects. The pressure with which blood flows in the blood 2172014018332Measuring Your Blood Pressure. Once you have found a sphygmomanometer, put it to use by applying the blood pressure cuff snugly

Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer . LCD Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer is a new generation mercury-free blood-pressure meter which is still made with Krotkoff This video clip talks about blood pressure and how it relates to the heart and blood vessels