Allergy medications and urinary retention

In some cases, it may lead to urinary retention, which means being unable to urinate. certain cold medications, nasal decongestants, and allergy medications Aug 13, 2014 What are the complications of urinary retention and its treatments How can . Over-the-counter cold and allergy medications that contain

Jun 10, 1998 Acute urinary retention (i.e., the sudden inability to urinate) is usually Allergy or cold medications containing decongestants or antihistamines

Apr 18, 2014 Urinary retention (inability to urinate) may be caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia, multiple sclerosis, vaginal childbirth and certain drugs Apr 18, 2010 Every decongestant or allergy medication my husband has taken causes urine retention. He has an enlarged prostate, so that39s probably why WebMD provides a list of common medications used to treat Urinary Retention

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Care guide for Chronic Urinary Retention In Women possible causes, signs and Certain medicines, such as narcotics, antihistamines, or antidepressants May 5, 2014 Certain medications can cause urinary retention, especially in men Many of these medications are found in over-the-counter cold and allergy

Care guide for Urinary Retention In Men possible causes, signs and symptoms, Certain medicines, such as narcotics, antihistamines, or antidepressants First-generation H1-antihistamines also cause anticholinergic effects such as dry mouth and urinary retention. Administration of the first-generation