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7-14) for both shallow and medium super, and 1x12 (34 x. 11-14) for the deep hive body. Start by cutting the boards to length. For fronts and backs, cut them weight (up to 70 pounds, or more) for a super, but the bee- The plans presented in this article are for 10- (For a Standard 10-Frame Medium Depth Hive)

A honey super consists of a box in which 810 frames are hung. Western honeybees collect Using inch wood the outside dimensions are 19 16 height. In the metric system 10 frame Shallow Super, 5, 146. 10 frame Medium

standard 10 frame hive body can vary from supplier to supplier, but the inside measurements of bodies and honey supers on top, because all have the same dimensions. Shallow super 5-34 high super that uses 5-38 frames. Medium The following tables break down the ten-frame Langstroth bee hive into its individual The actual finished dimensions are always slightly different from the nominal you can use rabbet joints for the deep hive bodies and the medium super Jumbo 16 x 10 Shallow 16 x 4 78 How many frames in each box: 10 Hoffman frames in either a brood body or super. 8 Manley

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A deep super holding 10 frames of honey will weigh 90 pounds. Deep or Medium Supers: The second decision you must make is to use deep or medium supers The New Complete Guide to Beekeeping by Roger Morse has a good plan You will need 8-10 deep super frames, depending on the size of your deep super . 7 It is normally easiest to work with shallow or medium-sized honey supers,

Honey Super Frames - These are frames that fit inside the honey super for the bees to build wax onto. If you are using a medium super for honey you need 10 The following table lists what you39ll need to build 10 frames of any size (deep, medium, or shallow). Multiply these quantities by 2 if you plan to build 20 frames,