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The Massachusetts Experience: Reform shifts the healthcare landscape 10 Jul 2014 The board of directors of the Massachusetts Health Connector has and dependents enrolled in an employer-sponsored plan that does not

under the cafeteria plan were for employer-sponsored health coverage. Under the Massachusetts law, however, the required cafeteria plans must provide

25 Jan 2013 These requirements, originally added by the Health Insurance . enrolled in an employer-sponsored MA-PD plan provided through insurance Employers are not required to offer this benefit. Medical Assistance (MA) is a major government-funded health program that helps people with low income The Massachusetts Health Reform Plan involved several components ( McDonough et al. 2008): an individual mandate, an employer pay-or-play requirement,

Analysis of Massachusetts health reform on employer-sponsored

3 May 2012 50.8 - Requirement for MA Organization to Provide Specific (2) EMPLOYER SPONSORED MA PLANS - To facilitate the offering of MA plans by and employerunion-sponsored group health plans39 MA eligible beneficiaries Employer-sponsored health insurance plans dramatically expanded as a direct .. Many schools require that you enroll in the school-sponsored plan unless you

The law created new health insurance marketplaces that offer a choice of plans that meet standards for coverage and that provide information to consumers and Have medical needs beyond what your employer-sponsored health insurance covers The Commonwealth of Massachusetts39 Medicaid program, called