Secondary colorectal cancer

When bowel (colorectal) cancer spreads it often spreads to the liver or the lungs. This is referred to as a secondary cancer. In these cases surgery is often Bowel cancer symptoms in women and men, prognosis and treatment information. These small groups of cells may then multiply to form secondary tumours

Cancer that has spread to another part of the body is called secondary cancer or metastatic cancer. The bowel

Primary and Secondary Prevention in Colorectal Cancer. Harri Vainio and Anthony B. Miller. From the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, another part of the body is called secondary, advanced, or metastatic bowel cancer. You39ll find that all these terms may be used, but they mean the same thing For example, if your bowel cancer has spread to the liver, you have secondary bowel cancer in your liver not liver cancer. Your treatment plan, therefore, must

Surgery for secondary cancer of the liver and lung

Primary and secondary prevention in colorectal cancer. Vainio H, Miller AB. Colorectal cancer is an important public health problem: there are nearly one million 4 days ago These secondary cancers are identified by their site of origin. Thus, a colon cancer that metastasizes to the lung is still known as a colon cancer

Cancer has already spread to the liver in about 25 of people who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Secondary liver cancer is also likely to develop over 13 Nov 2014 Follow-Up Care, Surveillance Protocol, and Secondary Prevention Measures for Survivors of Colorectal Cancer: American Society of Clinical