Cancer caused by alcohol

31 Jan 2014 There are many possible explanations for how alcohol causes cancer. It is likely that different cancers are caused in different ways. Here are The risk of esophageal cancer nearly doubled in the first two years following alcohol cessation, a sharp increase that may be due to the fact that some people

31 Jan 2014 Find out the seven types of cancer alcohol can cause, how light drinking can put your health at risk and how to help reduce your risk

The reason for the difference in considering whether or not alcohol is a risk factor is that alcohol itself doesn39t cause liver cancer. However, heavy and abusive An interview with our Chief Medical Adviser that provides the facts about alcohol and breast cancer 24 Jun 2013 Liver cancer: Alcohol consumption is an independent risk factor for, and a primary cause of, liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) (6)

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12 Feb 2014 Most people know that heavy alcohol use can cause health problems. But many people may not be aware that alcohol use can increase their Key Messages. Alcohol use is a cause of cancer. Any level of alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing an alcohol-related cancer the level of risk

Although alcohol has not been shown to cause cancer (i.e., be carcinogenic) in animal studies, strong epidemiological evidence indicates that consumption of Drinking smoking greater risk of cancer. Throw cigarettes into the mix when you39re drinking and you